Kumbh Retreat

Celebrated every 12 years for millennia, the Kumbha Mela is the largest spiritual gathering on the planet. Pilgrims, saints, sages, sadhus, and yogis belonging to many different paths and traditions come to the Kumbha Mela to share their knowledge and wisdom, to intensify their own practice, and to walk together on their spiritual journey. Tens of millions gather at the bank of the river Ganga (Ganges) at a time when the planets, constellations, and other celestial bodies are perfectly aligned, creating a powerful vortex of spiritual energy. This energy is further intensified by the collective consciousness of the saints, sages, and pilgrims who gather here with a single shared intention: inner healing and lasting change.

The word �kumbha� means vessel or container. It refers to the vessel that holds the elixir of life, the sap of immortality. The time and place that holds this liquid life force is called the Kumbha Mela. One of India�s many ancient legends tells us that this elixir of life pours down from heaven every 12 years at the confluence of three rivers�the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the mystical Sarasvati�near the modern-day city of Allahabad in north-central India. For thousands of years, the great sages have undertaken intense group practices at this spiritual locus to channel wisdom into human hearts, and to establish harmony in the physical world.

History and Tradition of the Kumbha Mela
The most ancient scripture in the world is called the Rig Veda, which is at least 5000 years old. There is a verse in the Rig Veda that says, �There are two rivers, one is blue and another is white. By taking a dip in the confluence, where the white and the blue rivers meet, one attains immortality. One attains wisdom and knowledge. And one contributes to the continuous flow of knowledge, wisdom, culture and civilization.� This passage indicates that the Kumbha Mela is at least a 5000 year old tradition. For over one thousand years, the people of Southeast Asian countries�Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos�have been coming to the Kumbha Mela. There is an old custom in these cultures that when someone from the community is going to attend the Kumbha Mela, there is a festival to celebrate the pilgrimage. Everyone from the community comes and gives whatever they can to support the travelers. When the pilgrim finally comes back after taking bath in the Ganga at the Kumbha Mela there is a great celebration. People come with drums and other musical instruments to greet the person. The pilgrim brings with them a container of water from the Ganga, and the other villagers take turns to have the honor to carry this sacred water. Hundreds of people come just to touch that vessel that was with the water of the Ganga during the Kumbha Mela.

A great festival that enchants millions of souls comes back now to the ancient city of Prayag after twelve years in January 2013 as a special planetary alignment takes place in the solar system.

Share and learn, find the answer to all your spiritual Inquisitions at an event that marks the dawn of a new era of peace and wisdom!

Early morning auspicious baths in the river, Campfires & galaxy watching on the banks in the evening, Vedic ceremonies sending vibrations of peace and prosperity, observation of nature at a time when the nexus of cosmic energies takes place, remote meditation in a spiritual atmosphere, open air Yoga, sessions of lifestyle & health, sharing of experiences in transformative workshops, listening to spiritual discourses given by saints, visiting the ancient and mystic sights, shopping of artifacts and memorabilia, knowing the ancient Vedic culture is what one can experience at this legendary festival.

Learn the key to self-transformation and become part of the Inner peace to World peace mission.

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